Photo by Nikolai Fox

Eloise has been performing since 2005, when she was part of a youth troupe that worked a circuit of street fairs in New York City. She began learning the trumpet at an early age and focused in jazz and classical music. Her vocal training began at the 92Y from 2009 - 2012, where she was a Recanati-Kaplan scholar and studied early music.

While attending College of the Atlantic, Eloise first encountered the New England folk music community, and swiftly jumped aboard. From 2016 to 2018, she toured with the Maine indie folk band GoldenOak and is featured on their 2017 EP, Foxgloves.

Eloise currently performs music from the Balkans to the Black Sea with the Maine-based band Kotwica (David Chrapkiewicz Rapkievian, Carolyn Rapkievian, Kevin Stone, Dave Quinby, Anne Tatgenhorst, and Frances Stockman). She is getting pretty decent at guitar and doumbek.

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